Is who you are defined by what you do for a living? When you work for someone else, then odds are in your time off you run errands, spend time with family, go out, and/or relax. You know that for a certain number of hours each week, you're going to get to do those things, and it becomes a part of your identity.

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, solopreneurs, mompreneurs, etc....they just don't have that luxury.

Starting and running a business takes heart and soul, and it becomes a part of you. Yes, there's a whole new balance in life, but it's a huge adjustment. You suddenly have the ability to work virtually any time you'd like, and you can even do it from anywhere (in many cases), and the freedom of working for yourself can feel like a noose around your neck. Everything's running together, and you begin to lose sight of the things that are important.

If I sound like I know what I'm talking about, it's because I do. I've been a freelance copywriter for about 6 years now, and it has been one of the most transformational undertakings of my life, only second/third to motherhood and marriage. As a matter of fact, motherhood is what opened the door to solopreneurship for me. I wanted to do it all. Today, I'm a copywriter and homeschooler. I spend a LOT of time on the road - my daughter is in therapy for dyslexia twice a week, and my kids spend half the week with their dad. Because of my work, I'm able to be there for my kids, stepkids, and husband. It's great. It's freeing. But it didn't always feel great.

I've always been grateful for my clients. They are amazing, and I love working with every single one of them. One thing I've learned is that many of them are like me. They are entrepreneurs and professionals, trying to make their way in this world and balance life and work. Many of them have had some of the same struggles I've had, in terms of balancing it all. That's why I'm writing this.

If you are new to freelancing or being an entrepreneur, don't stop creating, doing, making, innovating, etc. If it is your passion, you should do it - and you CAN do it. There's no easy way about it though. It can take a few years to find a balance that's going to work for you. Until then, you'll endure tears, headaches, and maybe even an identity crisis as you pioneer your own life. When you're a -preneur (solo-, mom-, entre-, etc.), you open up a whole new life for yourself, but the work is real. What you put in is what you get out, and one, two, five hundred failures doesn't mean you've lost everything. In fact, it means you've gained amazing knowledge through experience, and that knowledge is what's going to bring you to new success.

I've literally had phone conferences with clients with my young children following me around the house. I've had to tell my kids I can't play until my work is done. I've also told clients I'm behind deadline because it's the holidays. When you're in the creating/making/doing/innovating business, no matter what you're doing, it's give and take. Just never give up who you are. If you do, you'll feel suffocated.

Never stop enjoying the small moments. Make time for the little things, and definitely make time time for the big things. Reassure yourself. Trudge through the tough times, the low points, and the dry spells. When work is slow, spend time with your babies, read a new book, or just do something you love. Find a balance - and love every bit of it. Does what you do define who you are? In my opinion, yes, but I also do a lot. I'm a copywriter, mom, stepmom, wife, homeschooler, music lover, Mustang enthusiast, amateur history buff, etc. What are you?

Healthcare platform designed to help women get the most from their wellness exams now part of Station Houston

HOUSTON, TEXAS, AUGUST 2018 - Houston-based healthcare startup Demeterly has been accepted into Station Houston, Houston’s hub for tech innovation and entrepreneurship.

Demeterly is a revolutionary healthcare platform designed to reshape women’s wellness exams. Through the platform, patients and healthcare providers alike are equipped with tools that personalize the women’s wellness experience and further empower women to get the most from their wellness checks.

According to Gita Kulkarni, founder of Demeterly, “Houston marks a great place to establish presence as it has the world-class Texas Medical Center and a thriving startup community. Station Houston offers an ecosystem and resources that will help us advance our mission at Demeterly.”

Launched in March 2016 Station Houston currently serves more than 180 startups, has a membership base of over 450, and a mentor network of 158 investors, entrepreneurs, and subject matter experts.

Kulkarni founded Demeterly after her own experiences in women’s wellness in which she recognized that traditional women’s wellness exams are essentially handled in reverse order. With Demeterly, women will receive customized care in which they are engaged and receive a higher level of understanding in their care.

More information can be found at

About Demeterly

Demeterly is revolutionary healthcare platform designed to help women get truly comprehensive and personalized wellness exam experiences. The platform provides tools and features for medical providers and patients alike, including ease and use of information, personalized content, and patient-empowered wellness.




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New magazine has officially launched, offering women everywhere a publication designed to empower and inspire

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, JULY 31, 2018 - Emerge Enterprise Media has announced the official debut of Emerge Woman Magazine.

This quarterly publication is being designed exclusively by women and for women. Qiana Cressman, founder and president at Emerge Enterprise Media, has crafted Emerge Woman Magazine to reach women with empowering and inspirational articles covering a wide range of topics including business, lifestyle, and faith.

According to Cressman, “A woman is unstoppable when living from her authentic core, that is, who God created her to be.”

Through her company, Cressman is working to build a network of unstoppable women.

Emerge Woman Magazine’s team includes editor-in-chief and creative director Jacynta Brewton; vice president of finance Terry Cressman; vice president of sales and marketing Misty Jaymes; and a “dream team” of support staff and contributing writers. Currently, Emerge Woman Magazine is also looking for influencers who’d like to partner as ambassadors for the publication.

Emerge Woman Magazine debuted on July 28, 2018, with its first issue including articles such as “5 Elements of Holistic Health”, “The Scoop on Women in Business”, and “A Tribute to Millennial Moms”. Guests who were featured in the first issue include Dr. Carol Parker Walsh and the owner of The Inside Scoop Ice Cream Shop.

“Our mission is to publish transformative content that inspires women to be all they are created to be and positively use our influence to make an indelible impact on our society and world,” said Cressman.

Cressman and her “dream team” look forward to meeting and supporting women with the publication of Emerge Woman Magazine.

The premiere issue of Emerge Woman Magazine can now be obtained by subscribing at

About Emerge Enterprise Media

Emerge Enterprise Media was founded by Qiana Cressman, a Philadelphia native, innovator, media strategist, and writer. Emerge Enterprise Media is the publisher of Emerge Woman Magazine.


Qiana Cressman, Founder and President

Emerge Enterprise Media

Phone: 484-272-7912


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