10thAve Gold Sunrise Wristwatch Debuts on Kickstarter

MAY 4, 2020 - The team at 10thAve is pleased to announce that they will be launching the Gold Sunrise wristwatch with a Kickstarter campaign.

10thAve recently made the announcement and plans to officially launch the Kickstarter campaign soon, which will give pledgers around the world an up-close look at the stunning Gold Sunrise watch and give them an opportunity to purchase their own at a fraction of the cost they’d pay after the Kickstarter campaign ends.

At 10thAve, the goal is to create everyday fashion accessories that make day-to-day life a bit brighter, more efficient, and simpler. The Gold Sunrise is their flagship item, which features over 10 hours of quality hand craftsmanship behind each piece and a two year warranty.

At first glance, the Gold Sunrise offers a stunning aesthetic appeal with its laser-precision gold alloy frame and beautiful leather wriststrap. Delving deeper, the Gold Sunrise features amazingly accurate Japanese quartz movement that powers a perpetual calendar and moon phase, in addition to the usual time measurements. The Gold Sunrise features a crystal sapphire clear face covering that is scratch-resistant and glare proof. The Gold Sunrise’s design makes it dust proof and waterproof up to 165 feet. Beautiful, sleek, and hand designed to last, the Gold Sunrise offers the quality of a high dollar wristwatch at a fraction of the cost.

“Our ultimate goal is to bring you products that make your life simpler, easier, more efficient, and happier. But we needed your help to get it off the drawing board and into your hands,” said the team at 10thAve.

The manufacturing process is costly, but 10thAve says it will launch a Kickstarter campaign that will offer benefits for pledgers that include deep discounts on the Gold Sunrise watch. Pledgers will have the opportunity to back the product at varying price points and receive one of the very first Gold Sunrise watches in return.

The 10thAve Gold Sunrise wristwatch will launch on Kickstarter with a $4010 funding goal. If this goal is exceeded and $50,000 is pledged, the first 200 backers will receive their Gold Sunrise with unique serial numbering on their watches.

More information can be found at https://10thave.org/.

About 10thAve

10thAve is committed to designing and manufacturing fashion accessories that make everyday simpler and more streamlined.


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