‘Funding An Empire: What My Parents Didn’t Teach Me About Money’ by Tearanie Wilson-Parker Announced

New book designed to help readers take control of their finances for life-changing possibilities

VIRGINIA BEACH, JUNE 13, 2018 - Financial professional and educator, author, and speaker Tearanie Wilson-Parker has just unveiled her latest book, ‘Funding An Empire: What My Parents Didn’t Teach Me About Money’.

In this eye-opening book, Parker gives readers the tools they need to take command of their finances in an organized, strategy-oriented way while showing how psychology and money go hand in hand.

“To continuously and efficiently fund your empire, there are key factors you must address; it’s like baking a cake…you can’t leave out the flour,” said Parker. “Everyone has an empire, whether it’s a career, a business, a military career, a ministry, or even a family.”

In ‘Funding An Empire’, Parker pinpoints the three destructive issues that financially hinder people the most. Also, the book comes with a financial therapy journal to help readers even more smartly invest in their financial success.  

Parker is also available for one-on-one coaching and speaking engagements.

The book is now available for pre-order. The sign-up for pre-ordering, as well as information on coaching and speaking, can be found at www.fundinganempire.com.

About Tearanie Wilson-Parker

Tearanie Wilson-Parker is a financial professional and educator, author, and speaker whose mission is to change people’s money mindset. Her seminars are hosted with a relational, inspiring approach that encourages others to shape their financial destiny. Tearanie’s new book, ‘Funding An Empire: What My Parents Didn’t Teach Me About Money’, is available for pre-order now at www.fundinganempire.com.


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