Hawkins Copywriting Announces Name Change

Hawkins Copywriting is now known as The Branded Word

Heather Hawkins, owner at Hawkins Copywriting, has formally announced that her company has changed its name to The Branded Word. Clients from around the world will continue to receive a high level of professionalism and reliability in Heather's best copywriting services.

Currently, The Branded Word and Hawkins are assisting mostly clients looking for a press release writer for hire. Hawkins offers best press release copywriting on Fiverr, where clients enjoy the height of protection in outsourcing.

Other copywriting services for hire from Hawkins and The Branded Word include SEO blog posts, which can be used to boost a client's authority in their niche. SEO blog posts serve as rich content that can be used on websites and social media to attract readers and traffic while helping boost website rankings on search engines such as Google.

Hawkins also offers general copywriting services for hire. Some of her most common assignments include website copy, 'About' pages, social media posts, and video scripts.

Regarding the change of her company's name, Hawkins said, "I wanted a fresh name that perfectly described what I do in a unique way. I felt like 'The Branded Word' gives clients an idea of what they'll receive with my services. I work hard to give them words that can be used to brand their businesses."

Hawkins works with entrepreneurs, businesses of all sizes, startups, and creators ranging from real estate agents to small, local businesses to rap artists. More information can be found at www.TheBrandedWord.com.