How to Generate More Traffic to Your Website and Social Media on a Budget

Traffic is how we get sales. If you’re like many SMBs, entrepreneurs, and startups, then you likely don’t have the budget or the time to hire a marketer to handle all of your needs in this arena, and odds are, you’ve been at the helm of all your business’ needs. Oftentimes, marketing falls between the cracks. So, how do you get more traffic to your website and social media on a budget?

1. Make Sure Your Website is Ready for Audiences

Did you create the content for your website? Does it need sprucing up? You’d be surprised how much of an impact the words on your website have on your target audience. The right words can compel a prospect to convert to a customer. Hire a copywriter to proof and revise your website - or even create all new content. Also, work to create a blog with consistent, fresh posts. Hiring a content writer is a great way to ensure that you’re getting content on a regular basis, without having to dedicate to writing all the content yourself. All of this is excellent for reaching audiences organically and for increasing SEO rankings on search engines such as Google.

2. Commit to Your Social Media Campaign

Work to build a social media presence by posting regularly, responding to comments and questions, and getting new followers. One of the biggest things you should be doing? Posting your content regularly. If you have a blog (and you should!), you need to be posting links to your posts on your social media. Also, if you have press releases (again, you really should!), add links to them on social media. All of these things work together to engage audiences and boost SEO.

3. Content is King

Generating more traffic means creating content. If you aren’t creating content on a regular basis, your online presence will get stagnant quickly. If you want to grow, content is key. Content can be created via blog posts, social media posts, press releases, and YouTube videos. Once content is created, it needs to be shared. Social media is your best bet on sharing content. In the case of press releases, you want to share on your social media but also through distribution channels. Remember, not all content is created equal, and not just anything will do. Always work to create high quality content. If you’re creating a press release or blog post, it needs to be free of typos, and the general rules of SEO need to be applied to ensure you get the most out of your content. In terms of video content, a professional feel is important. There are lots of tutorials online to walk you through creating video content, but you can also hire someone from a platform such as Fiverr.

Getting more traffic to your website and social media is all about content, and content can be created fairly cheaply. You have the option of doing it yourself or hiring someone to help. Either way, the return of creating and sharing content on a regular basis will yield the growth you’re hoping to see. Do you have a question about hiring a content writer for your website, blog, social media, or press release? Connect with me today to see how easy it is.


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