Moore Brothers Inc. Unveil Door Force 1, a Revolutionary Door Security Device

This elegantly designed door security device is affordable, easy to install, and can withstand up to 5,000 pounds of force

Brothers Keith and Tim Moore launched Moore Brothers Inc. in September 2017, and now, the duo has announced the release of their flagship product. Door Force 1 is a simple, practical door security device that is poised to change its industry forever.

Door Force 1 features a simple yet powerful design and is comprised of high quality steel with a durable rubber footing. The device can be easily installed at the bottom of virtually any door and can withstand up to 5,000 pounds of pressure. Currently, there are no other devices in the door security market like it.

Door Force 1 is practical, durable, and powerful, but it also has another exciting benefit: the device is extremely affordable. At less than $35 with shipping included, anyone can have this device and the peace of mind it offers.

Keith is retired military and has more than a decade of manufacturing experience, and Tim has 22+ years in the trucking industry. Together, the two have launched a manufacturing facility in Ashland, Kentucky, where all Door Force 1 products are created.

Anyone wanting to see a demonstration of Door Force 1 or order their own can visit for more information.