Summit to Sand’s Adventures Make for Unforgettable Memories

Exclusive adventure planning service coming to Colorado’s Rocky Mountain region

SUMMIT COUNTY, COLORADO, JUNE 19, 2018 - Summit County residents are gearing up for summertime vacations, but for those who want an adrenaline-inducing adventure, there’s only one place to turn: Summit to Sand.

The vacation planning company, which officially launches in July 2018, isn’t on-par with traditional travel planners. Cindi Villard, founder of Summit to Sand, is a fully-vetted travel planner whose great expectations include adventuring around the world. She’s now sharing those experiences by helping others enjoy their own amazing journeys at reasonable prices. Plus, Villard even travels to homes and offices to plan trips at her clients’ convenience.

Villard reminds her Dillon clients to stock up on all the best outdoors necessities at Wilderness Sports before departing on the trip of a lifetime.

While many people truly do only experience these types of trips once in a lifetime, Villard works to make it possible for her clients to do it again and again. Some of the exciting excursions her clients experience include spelunking, mountain biking, helicopter skiing, trekking, surfing, and more in exotic locations. Packages include everything from travel to adventure to accommodations, meaning that clients get to choose the perfect destination getaway and adventure.

Connect with Cindi at 970-368-3280,, or to learn more.

About Summit to Sand

Summit to Sand is a travel agency for adventurers who want to explore new areas and take on thrilling excursions ranging from paragliding to surfing to mountain biking and much more. Summit to Sand launches in the Rocky Mountain Region of Colorado in July 2018.